Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thought I should update......

Even though I don't really feel like doing much of anything productive these days! Oh well- at least I've remembered to take a few pictures here and there!

I just liked the look on her face (the I want something so I'm being sweet look) and her eyes in this picture.

Cole had just left Nana's and had been blowing bubbles with his gum so this is Rylee's attempt at telling Nana she wanted a piece of gum. It took us a minute to figure out what she was doing. She kept going to the shelf where the gum is kept and when we figured it out we just busted out laughing.

"Talking" to Aunt Sandy on the phone while lying on the bed with Gingy.

It looks like she is missing a sombrero in this pic. The dress was only $6 at Walmart so I got it for summer- I just didn't realize how it looked like it belongs in Mexico. Oh well, I still like it.

She's been very interested in the potty lately- and not doing too bad of a job- but this is what she was most interested in doing the other day. Silly girl!
And finally- I told her I wanted a picture of her new outfit that Aunt Sandy got her so she proceeded to climb on top of her truck and pose while never taking her eyes off of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Please still be praying for my family. Mother's Day was very hard and we are all still reeling from our loss. Thanks!


jennifer said...

I love her little Mexican dress especially with the leggings! You are all in our prayers. We really need to get our girls together. Not right now though because I'm goin to have a baby any day now :)

margk said...

We are praying for you all. I am glad you have Rylee to bring you some smiles.