Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catch up!!!

So I've seriously been meaning to blog for a month and a half now. Here's a quick catch-up. We went to the lake for a couple of weekends but I never even got my camera out. You're just going to have to trust me that Rylee had a super fun time with all of her cousins. We've also been enjoying time in the pool but I don't ever seem to remember to take pics. Whitney always has her camera with her and so I let her take them and then she NEVER sends them to me! (hint, hint!)
Here she is enjoying a homemade popsicle. I remember my mom making them for me as a little girl and I couldn't resist. They beat the store bought kind any day!!!

Doing another favorite activity....watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. FOCUSED!!!

My parents celebrated 50 years of marriage this past week and the weekend before we threw an intimate family dinner for them. We presented them with a trip for 4 to Branson (they don't need anything and Branson is a pretty close drive). You can tell by the look on their faces that Mom was excited and my dad not so much. He never likes to be away from home. We'll see if they actually go!!!

Rylee enjoying spending time with Uncle Jeff.

Here's the funny cake story- I went to order the cake and told them I didn't want it too cutesy. I also told them I didn't want it completely covered with flowers either- maybe just a few "blooms". Obviously the girl thought that I meant "balloons" not "blooms". I guess she didn't know that although I have slipped back into my real Southern accent somewhat, I'm an SLP and would never shorten a two syllable word into one syllable!!!
Random funny picture..... She's such a ham!
We're still reeling from the loss of Morgan. I miss her and think about her everyday multiple times a day. I caught Rylee last night before church doing this. I was in the kitchen and the camera happened to be on the bar. I keep Morgan's latest school picture in a frame on this side table and every once in a while she will just randomly run over there and pick it up and kiss it. She doesn't kiss any of the other pictures. I knew when she headed that way what she was doing and although it kills me to see her do this I also want to keep Morgan's memory alive so she will always know her cousin in some way. She definitely misses her a ton also! We can't wait to see her again one day!Here she is kissing it. Breaks my heart!!! Please continue to pray for my entire family!


Elizabeth said...

Jami, I too have been a bad blogger lately. I think of a lot of good things to blog about but some how never do. Rylee is too cute for words. I know it must still be hard but your family is still in my prayers. I hope you girls have a GREAT week!

Nic Mounts said...

It's been years since I've seen you, and I just came across your blog by accident. My sister Brandi has one and sent an invitation for me to view it. From her blog I went to Cassi and Jeffrey's and then I somehow ended up on yours!

When we were in high school I never thought that I would have gone so long without seeing so many classmates. I hope everything is going well with your family. You certainly have a beautiful daughter! Email me sometime--I would love to hear from you.

Whitney said...

dude you are so behind on blogging its not even funny