Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a good weekend- despite the rain today. We were bummed that we couldn't hide eggs and then take pictures outside but oh well....

She always has such a serious look of concentration!

Peyton is getting so big!

The girls. Peyton gives her this look frequently :)

Finally- the good stuff

Can we just go to Bible Class already???

We went to my parents' house on Saturday. All of my immediate family was there (except for one SIL- we missed you Sharon!) and we had such a great day. The weather was wonderful, we dyed eggs, and of course ate a great lunch.
My niece Morgan is so good to play outside with Rylee. Funny how she never wants to ride in a stroller when we're shopping but she will ride for an hour with Morgan pushing her.
Rylee also enjoyed playing ball with Morgan and my other niece Macy.
DeQueen, where my parents live, got hit by the storms Thursday. My brother took me to look at some of the damage. It was awful and it doesn't even compare to what happened up the road in Mena. My parents and grandparents got hit but thankfully not much damage was done.
This is my parents' neighbors' shed. One of my parents' trees and two of their trees fell on it. And look at that tree that is broken in two. These are not small trees either!
This tree is right outside my parents' bedroom window. Half of it snapped off but thankfully the wind was blowing the other way and it didn't land on their roof.
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend!


Paige said...

Jami, I just had to come see the photos that you mentioned. What a treasure! I love you, and am praying for your family.

margk said...

Wow, glad everyone is ok after the storm.

It is so great that Peyton and Rylee are so close in age. They will be like sisters to each other. Glad you are doing well!